My first blog

Not very original title I know. But appropriate as I have never blogged before.

I hope to keep track of hobbies, goals, and other things I do that I want to keep on doing but sometimes lose interest.

Some of the things I currently do are: jog or walk for exercise, play guitar in a Tuesday night group (and never any other time, which I plan to change), have had two sessions playing ukulele and would like to take some lessons, brew ginger beer (I’ve done this for the last three Thursdays and next Thursday my first batch will be ready to try eeek), gardening – I’m having a real go a having a garden full of fresh food I have tomatoes, beans, corn, lettuce, passionfruit, potatoes.

And one of my favourite things is taking care of my five chooks, Princess, Flossie, Roadie, Rosie and Layla. Four or five lovely fresh eggs a day, which are far too many for me to eat so I give them to my neighbours, colleagues and friends.

And that is enough for today. I’ll be back soon.